Exploring new delightful places is always a pleasurable thing and it enhances our own mind and distresses ourselves from the chaotic, busy works. There is nothing special thing like wandering out to new exquisite places and meeting different kinds of people and cultures. Each and every experience will broaden the mind and make new changes in their lives. Such a beautiful unknown power is possessed by the travel. Generally, people who spend a lot of money on taking new exploration journeys are happier than the people who are spending money on purchasing things. So take travels to collect dazzling memories from your precious, happy moments and augment your life.

Bali – “Island of Gods”

Bali is one of the consummate places, an island nearby Indonesia. It is also called an island of gods and the population is comprised of a lot of Hindu people. It is very conspicuous for the religious temples, and people visit to explore the culture, history, and traditions of the island. There are several alluring things to be noticed here, in which everyone has to visit. Bali is actually not a single island. It is comprised of three smaller islands Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan and they are in a short distance, in which a 20 to 30-minute boat ride is enough to reach the nearby islands. They have a lot of importance towards preserving the traditional culture and temples in a disciplined way.

Unique cultures

Balinese cultures are somewhat unique as they are a mixture of Hindu- Buddhist religions. Their culture is very famous for dance, art and sculpture beauties. A lot of beautiful temples is just a common sight on that island. There are some unique practices followed by the Bali people. People who are willing to eat should sit on the floor and then by using the right hand only they should eat. They must leave some small part of food in the plate itself, to signify that they had eaten. Then, abhorrent spirits are avoided by them and for that, some noisy processions and scary stone carvings were done on the wall to hound the evil spirits. Sounds

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Unique features

The world-famous coral triangle which has enriched marine biodiversity is there in the Bali Island. It is also called as “Amazon of the seas” due to its marine culture, and it serves as a huge marine food source for all the surrounding local communities. It covers two major geographic regions, the Indonesia-Philippines region, and Southwestern Pacific region. Bali is one of the active volcanic areas. It has two peaks of mountains Mount Agung and Batur. A different ceremony is celebrated in a special day there. That is, “Day of silence”. Yes, the day is observed completely silent to know about the knowledge in self-reflection for the people. All the tourist spots, commercial markets, even airports were on shut down for that day.

Beaches and all the tourist spots are closed for the visitors. Bali is filled with a numerous number of spas, and one who is wishing to get a traditional Balinese massage, it’s the perfect place for them. A traditional temple which exists from ancient years called Tirta empul is there, where the devotees are undergoing a purification ritual practice of bathing in freshwater springs in the temple. There is a bat cave in which thousands of bats are tightly pocketed around the cave near the Pura Goa lawah which is one of the nine sacred temples in Bali. A myth is believed by the people that a giant snake is inside the cave and it feeds on the bats. They still preserve their rich cultural heritage and elegant of all the cultural practices. They are famous for artistic skills that they can make a custom-made gold and silver jewelry art for the visitors. Myriad forms of dance cultures and handicrafts are there. Famous hotels are there for the visitors to provide luxurious accommodation facilities such as Grand Zuri Kuta Bali, Melia Bali, Daluman Villa Seminyak Bali etc.


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